Bosnia and Herzegovina

NEKTAR Beer 5% vol. alc. 330ml bottle 

style: German Pilsner (Pale Lager)

Banjalucka Pivara (brewery) was founded in 1873 by the monks of the monastery Maria Star to produce beer for their own needs. These monks belonged to the Trappist order with the world known old monastic tradition of preparing a good beer. Their beer recipes remained strictly guarded through the centuries. Many of the Trappist monasteries and breweries were destroyed during the revolutions and world wars. Among the monastic breweries, the Trappists were certainly the most active brewers: in the last 300 years, there were at least nine Trappist breweries in Europe. One of them, Banjalucka Pivara located in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, is still active and produces beers based on Trappist monks’ old recipes.
Nektar was introduced to the market in 1960. Since 1978, Nektar has won 7 gold, 10 silver and 4 bronze medals at the Monde Selection international competition in Brussels. In 2009 Nektar, that was positioned as the leading brand in Bosnia and Herzegovina, has been granted the status of Supebrand.

See below review from Ozzy blogger:

"(...)From popping the cap on this one until it's all gone you just have to be impressed by this beers appearance. It has a lovely golden colour with a large (3-4 finger) white head of tight little bubbles. There doesn't appear to be a heap of carbonation, but the retention of the head is magnificent and it also leaves a very impressive web of lacing. It's a highly impressive looking beer! (...)
(...)Nektar is quite a nice German Pilsner, just the sort of beer I would like to drink at a BBQ in summer. It's flavour isn't dominated by one element in the way many macro lagers are, it's extremely well balanced. There is a bit of sour grains that hits the palate as well as some apple before the light grassy hops takeover. The hops provide a surprising ammount of bitterness for such a light flavour. (...) To the importer considering importing more of this please do! I'll buy more of it as a cheapish lager to have on hand. Until someone takes on the task of importing this, Bosnia seems like the only place to get it so if your over there give it a go, it's very serviceable and will grow on you the more you drink it.

Remember it's always Beer O'Clock somewhere in the world!" 

From the importer to the Author of

We made your wish come true! :)

 MEDUSKA Honey Liqueur 25% vol.alc. 700ml

Honey was favourite food and drink of the ancient Slavs. Out of honey and only honey, our ancestors prepared medicinal beverage 'mead'. In comparison with alcoholic drinks influence of mead is remarkably miraculous. Mead gives vigour, joy and peace and after its consumption there is no headache and weakness, on the contrary, mead drunk with measure gives strength and health. Slavic countries covered with strong lime-trees for honey bees were an ideal habitat. Long and cold winter enabled the bees to prepare the best honey out of which our ancestors prepared this medicinal beverage. Wishing to bring together the spirit of the past and the present times, the company produced a honey liqueur Meduska. It was produced according to their own formulation in which our ancestors experience and spirit of the present times are blended.

 ZLATNI Pelin Herb Liqueur 28% vol.alc. 1000ml

Zlatni Pelin is made with the addition of 23 medicinal herbs enriching it with attractive flavour and powerful fragrance. The liqueur contains up to  28% of alcohol. It is served cool, without or with ice and lemon, as an appetiser before and a digestif after a meal.
It is known that people from our areas used the liqueur as medicine for stomach discomforts as well as stimulant for a good appetite. 
We are inviting you to bring to life the glorious spirit of past times and to engage into an adventure of exploring the taste of victory.

ZLATNA Brandies 40% vol.alc. 700ml

 One of the leading brands from Banja Luka is Zlatna fruit brandies line: Zlatna Viljamovka (Pear), Zlatna Kajsija (Apricot), Zlatna Dunja (Quince) and Zlatna Sjiva (Plum) for which we can proudly say that they at least stand shoulder to shoulder with leading world producers of fruit brandies by its quality. Much love, knowledge, work and effort has been put into the process of producing Zlatna brandies. Only symbiosis of experience, tradition, natural resources abundance and modern knowledge can result in products of high quality such as Zlatna brandies.
Zlatna brandies, as high quality drinks, had to get a packaging that points out their characteristics – natural contents, specific taste, scent and flavour, as well as their exclusiveness and sophistication. Demands put before the package designers of Zlatna brandies demanded gathering of the best experts in this, whose task was to provide extraordinary packaging for this high quality drink. With cooperation of experts from Italy who designed the cork and glass bottle, industrial and graphic designers from Serbia who created the appearance of the packaging, university professor of marketing from Bosnia and Herzegovina who made conceptual solution of the packaging together with his team and reputable company from Croatia who made the cap for the cork, Zlatna brandies appeared in their new garment before you. This is a story that was not chosen by many, this is the story that was chosen by us, we invested and we are investing great effort, love and knowledge and we created products of top quality which only meet praises.

ZLATNAYA Vodka 40% vol.alc. 1000ml

Zlatnaya vodka has been made by an old, carefully guarded recipe, without adding the flavour in order to enable the consumers to enter the original world of original vodka and at the same time to enable them to feel the breath of the present times by mixing it with other drinks

GOLD Gin 40% vol.alc. 1000ml 

Inseparable partner of Zlatnaya Vodka is Gold Gin. Together, they represent inevitable component of cocktails and parties. Natural flavour of gorse, carefully isolated, makes the Gold Gin remarkably pleasant, drinkable and a refreshing drink.


PISCO Capel Reservado 40% vol.alc. 700ml 

PISCO CAPEL is a member of the Brandy Family, a pure distillate made only from Muscat grapes grown in the Beautiful Valle de Elqui in Chile. This valley is the Earth’s less clouded place, a fact that gives PISCO its unique flavour.



WOLKOF Vodka 40% vol.alc  700ml

Made in France from an ancient traditional recipe. 

ALBA Luba Vodka 40% vol. alc.  700ml

MEUKOW XO Cognac 40% vol.alc.  700ml

The unrivalled Gold Panther express the perfect harmony of Meukow XO Cognac, fruit of the traditional art of double distillation, the long ageing process and thecomplex blending of delightful "Crus de Cognac". Awarded Silver Medal at International Vinalies Challenge Paris 2004.

MEUKOW VS Vanilla 40% vol.alc.  700ml

Meukow VS Vanilla is the subtle and unique blend of Maukow Cognac and Vanilla natural flavours. The aromas harmony shows the perfect balance in between the Cognac - long and delicate - and Vanilla - silky and powerul - delivering a sinfully irresistable and seductively smooth taste. Awarded BRANDS OF THE YEAR 2003 by Drinks International Magazine.

MEUKOW VS Cognac 40% vol.alc.  700ml

Presented in its remarkable bottle decorated with a black panther, Meukow VS Cognac offers much higher distinctive tasting qualities than the average VS. Full aroma with dried fruits notes and long smoothness with liquorice and nutmeg notes.

MEUKOW VSOP Cognac 40% vol.alc.  700ml

The incredible smoothness of Meukow VSOP Superior is the fruit of the very careful selection of different "Eaux-de-Vie" entering in the blend and the minimum ageing requirement, unlike regular VSOP, imposed in our own rules. Awarded GOLD MEDAL at International Wine & Spirit Competition LONDON 2004.


Halkion SLIVOVICA 40% vol.alc  1000ml & 750ml

Its unique taste is a result of centuries of experience. This Slivovitz is very fine brandy produced from plums and matured in oaks casks. The intensive plum flavour is the outcome of aging, not artificial ingredients.

Halkion LOZOVACA 40% vol.alc  700ml 

Lozovaca is a grape brandy. In some features it can be compared with grappa, but its unique taste comes not only from the finest sort of grapes, but also traditional Croatian distillation.

Halkion TRAVARICA 40% vol.alc.  700ml

Travarica is distilled from high quality grapes and carefully chosen aromatical and medicinal herbs. It is one of the most popular aperitifs in Croatia, believed to be a very good remedy for stomach disturbances.

Halkion KRUSKOVAC 25% vol.alc.  1000ml & 700ml

Kruskovac is a sweet pear liqueur, intensive in aroma and flavour. Its eye-catching orange colour makes it especially popular among younger consumers, not only straight.

Halkion Pelinkovac 25% vol.alc.  700ml

Pelinkovac is the most popular among bitter liqueurs. It is distinguished by strong aroma. Due to prevailing flavour of wormwood, known as a medicinal herb, Pelinkovac helps to relax body and mind.

Halkion CROLISHKA 32% vol.alc.  1000ml & 750ml

Perfect match Crolishka is a liqueur produced from Slivovica plum brandy and pear liqueur Kruskovac with a distinctive, fruity taste.

ANIS MISTRO 45% vol.alc.  750ml

Anise Mistro is special natural brandy with 45% volume of alcohol. It is traditional drink on the islands of Dalmatia. It is produced on the basis of aromatic and medicinal herbs "koromac" and anise.

MARASKA MARASCHINO 32% vol.alc.  700ml

Renowned for its distinctive flavour and aromatic bouquet to be prepared following the same traditional recipe created by the Dominicans at the beginning of the 16th century.

Istra PROSEK Dessert Wine 15% vol.alc.  750ml

Prosek is a dessert wine produced by a traditional method of processing selected overripe and slightly fried grapes of the highest quality Istrian varieties. Istra Prosek is the winner of many prestigious awards.


AMBASSADOR Del Doge 11.5% vol.alc. 750ml

Production area: Hills of Marca Trevigiana, alluvial and gravelly soil from river flooding

Grape variety: White grapes from selection of grapes that may vary from year to year, predominately Pinot Bianco and Chardonnay. 

Harvest period: September 

Organoleptic cgaracteristics: Pale yellow colour, delicate and persistent perlage. Floral and fruity bouquet. Dry and full-bodied taste.

Food pairing recommendations: Excellent as an aperitif with appetizers of raw fish, fish and fried fish.

PROSECCO Treviso DOC - Spumante 11% vol.alc. 750ml

Production area: Marca Trevigiana, alluvial and gravelly soil from river flooding 

Grape variety: Glera, a grape variety used to make Prosecco

Harvest period: Late September, mid-October. Yield per hectare: 150 quintats. White-wine vinification without the skins. In autoclaves.

Organoleptic cgaracteristics: Pale yellow colour, delicate and persistent perlage. Fresh, fruity and floral bouquet of yellow apples, pineapple, acacia and wisteria. Smooth and persistant taste.

Food pairing recommendations: Fish appetizers, pasta with fish, boiled fish and fresh cheese.

Prosecco ASOLO DOCG - Spumante 11% vol.alc. 750ml

Production area: Vineyards from Asolo Hills. Exposure to southeast with a good atmospheric temperature range.

Grape variety: 85% Glera - 15% Bianchetta, Perera and Boschera (local varieties) in percentage decided by the cenologist. 

Harvest period: First days of October.

Organoleptic cgaracteristics: Pale straw yellow colour. Persistent foam and fine perlage. Intense aromas of great finesse, with unmistakable fruity notes. At the taste pleasantly fruity flavour and almost dry. 

Food pairing recommendations: Ideal as an aperitif or with appetizers, fish and shellfish. Suitable for special occasions.

Russo Limoncello Liqueur 30% vol.alc.  500ml

 Russo Limoncello liqueur is created by infusion peels in alcohol of selected lemons grown in picturesque area of the Amalfi Coast, where golden sun ripens the lemons to enhance their delicious and intense flavour. To fully appreciate the unique taste of Elisir di Limone and enjoy it in every moment, please serve it well - iced.


BLACK COCK Scotch Whisky B.I.S. 40% vol.alc.  700ml

It is a high quality blend which offers consumers exeptional value for money.  Black Cock is individual in character, with a high malt content, creating a rich, full - flavoured, well rounded whisky.

SCOTTISH LEADER Whisky 3YO & 22 YO 40% vol.alc.  700ml

Masterfully distilled and carefully blended from only the finest and grain Scotch Whiskies, combined to provide a well balanced blend, rich in character. It takes time and attention to detail to create the smooth taste of Scottish Leader. A range of the very highest quality in Scotch Whisky blending. It is also characterized by being exceptionally smooth, well rounded.

MATISSE OLD Scotch Whisky 40% vol.alc.  700ml

Matisse Old is a premium Scotch whisky representing the finest wiskies distilled and matured in Scotland. The core malts come from famous Speyside and Highland distillaries complemented and expertly blended with grain whiskies, then married in oak casks to achive Matisse Old, a unique whisky with a light heathery bouquet, a soft gentle body that lingers with a robust finish, indicating its high quality.

MATISSE 15YO Single Malt Scotch Whisky 40% vol.alc.  700ml



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